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Student Announcements Policy

The student announcement system is available for the campus community to post messages that are delivered to all registered students in a digital format (email and web). Members of the campus community may post a message and designate a specific target group for the message from those available.

Posted messages must:

  1. Originate from a university account
  2. Pertain to university business
  3. Contain a subject line, a short summary statement and the full message content

The system allows for attachments, links to other on-line sources of information, contact emails and phone number to be included with the posed messages.

Messages will be accepted, returned for revision, or rejected. Messages of a time-sensitive nature should be submitted at least 72 hours in advance of an event for timely delivery. Only one announcement and one reminder per event will be posted. Organizations may choose to announce their first meeting of the year or special events, but general meeting and member messages should be confined to mailing lists created by the organization.

Faculty, staff and students may post announcements seeking students as research participants for BSU Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved research. There is a designated category (Research Participation Opportunities) for that purpose. The IRB approval number must be included in the full message content.

Material that will not be posted includes: Classified ads (for sale, housing, lost & found, etc.), political, opinion/editorial, or general discussion messages, chain letters of any kind, and other messages that are in violation of college information technology policies.

The Student Affairs and Enrollment Management (SA/EM) office will moderate messages, judging acceptable content and policy adherence. The Office for Student Involvement and Leadership will verify information from registered student organizations. Additionally, due to the number of hoaxes circulating on the Internet, computer virus and public safety messages are only accepted from Information Technology and Campus Police, respectively.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the student announcement system please contact SA/EM via email ( or via phone 508-531-1276.

If a user feels a message has been unfairly rejected, he/she/they may appeal the decision to the Director of Administration in SA/EM, whose decision will be final.

Finally, for a complete, student-focused marketing approach beyond Student Announcements, contact the BSUlife Integrated Marketing Team for more information.

This policy is subject to revision.

Last Modified: October 10, 2017

Last Modified: October 11, 2017