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Student Accommodations related to on-campus presence & COVID-19

Posted by: Shales, Jenna
Posted on: April 06, 2021
Category: Students

To promote an equitable experience for all students, the following Accommodated Registration opportunities are granted on a case-by-case basis through Student Accessibility Services.

Assisted Registration - Eligible Students were notified 04/01/21
• Approved only for students whose disability physically prevents them from being able to complete the online registration process

Advance Registration - Eligible Students were notified 04/01/21
• In very rare cases, a student may qualify (based on the impact of their diagnosis) to register for courses on the first day that Registration is open, which may be in advance of their assigned date.
• Historically, SAS granted this accommodation based on these or other factors
o Impact of diagnosis requires that classrooms be relocated to accessible buildings
o Impact of diagnosis requires specialized equipment in their classrooms
o Impact of diagnosis requires the procurement of external vendors such as ASL Interpreters or CART Transcriptionists
o Impact of diagnosis requires classrooms to be moved to reduce distance between back-to-back classes
These are no longer factors addressed via priority registration, so they no longer automatically qualify students for Advance Registration.

Related to COVID-19: If you have a diagnosis that requires you to remain fully off-campus (housing, courses, activities, employment) during COVID-precautions, please submit your request for accommodations and supporting documentation to Jenna Shales at for review no later than Wednesday, April 7th.

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