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Project PACK - Post Assault Comfort Kit Collections

Posted by: Doyle, Ann
Posted on: April 06, 2021
Category: Students

During April, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the BSU Peer Educators, Health Promotion and the SVAS Center are once again partnering with local BSU alumna Tammy Dzialo, to collect items for Project PACK (Post Assault Comfort Kit). Project PACK Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer organization based in Bridgewater that supplies survivors of sexual assault with Post Assault Comfort Kits (PACKs) at emergency rooms and Children's Advocacy Centers across Massachusetts.

PACKs serve to comfort and show support for survivors during the lengthy evidence collection process. Adult/Adolescent PACKs include items such as a toothbrush and toothpaste, tissues, lip balm, hair elastics and combs, mouthwash, mints, wet wipes, lotion, and undergarments. The Adult/Adolescent PACKs are made in both female and male versions. The Pediatric PACKs include similar items with toddler/young adult-themed products, as well as comfort items such as activity/coloring books, crayons and markers, stickers, stuffed animals and more.

We have campus collection sites in Dunn during the Covid testing, in the University Police lobby, (open 24 hours) and at the Maxwell Library Circulation Desk available when Maxwell is open.

Additionally, there is an Amazon Wish list of the most needed items for those unable to get to campus. If you prefer to shop locally and ship, you can contact Ann Doyle at Health Promotion in the Wellness Center, 508-531-2274 or

The mission of the BSU Peer Educators is to empower students to make informed decisions with regard to alcohol, drugs and related health and social issues. The BSU Peer Educators' have been coordinating campus wide collections for Project PACK since 2012. Through our outreach efforts and your generous donations, BSU will continue to be one of the biggest collection sites for Project PACK.

If you have any questions regarding the BSU Peer Education program or the project itself, please feel free to contact Ann at 508-531-2274 or at

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