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Sustainability Poetry Contest!

Posted by: Gorski, Yvonne
Posted on: April 08, 2021
Category: Students

Sustainability Poetry Contest!

Sponsored by the BSU Sustainability Program.

In celebration of Sustainability Month and Earth Day, the BSU Sustainability Program is hosting a Poetry Contest! This contest is meant to raise awareness for the BSU Sustainability Program, the Sustainability Innovation and Outreach minor, and sustainable practices!

How to Participate in the Contest:

Submit ONE original poem with a theme of sustainability. There is no minimum word count for the poem, but there is a maximum word count of 500 words.


>Participants must be a current BSU student

>The poem must be the student's own work

>The original poem must have a theme of sustainability

>The poem does not exceed the maximum of 500 words


Submissions are made by filling out the Qualtrics form below:

Please include the following information in your submission:

>Full name

>Preferred name

>>This name will be used on our social media accounts. If you prefer to remain anonymous you may state your name as anonymous.

>BSU banner ID number

>Title of poem

>Brief description of poem

Please submit your poem in the form of a Word Document.

>>The poem should not exceed the maximum of 500 words

Deadline: April 22, 2021 at 11:59pm

Students who submit a poem grant the BSU Sustainability Program permission to post the poem to social media. The poems will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Facebook: @BSUSustainabilityProgram

Instagram: @bsusustainability_

When the poems are posted, you may direct message our social media accounts with the title of your work and your BSU banner ID if you would like to be tagged in our post!

How Winners Will be Chosen:

>Poems will be posted to our social media accounts on Monday April 26, 2021

>1 like = 1 vote

>Winners will be announced on our social media
and contacted through email.

>prizes include merchandise from a local farm!

Need inspiration? Check out the BSU Sustainability Program's website! Or Check out our social media!

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